Monday, December 11

Constructing a Windmill Using a Car Alternator as a Free Source of Electricity.

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I live in Pakistan and our country is facing a serious power crises. Well it’s nothing new! Our country has been facing power crises for as long as i remember. In order to deal with the situation people have come up with different solutions from emergency lights to high power diesel generators. Recently some locals companies have started manufacturing something they call UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). Although UPS machines were first invented for use with sophisticated electronic equipment to provide them with stabilized and filtered electricity and their ability to be used as back up power source in case the power outage. But in Pakistan the sole purpose of locally manufactured UPS machine is to power up houses with appliances like bulbs and fans. A typical Pakistani UPS contains a car battery along with a charger and an alternator. The charger and alternator are built up in a single unit. The unit works well if maintained properly and used adequately and serves its users with a cheap (at least cheaper than gas generators) power back up source with low level of maintenance.

The UPS uses electricity from the wall socket to charge the attached battery so if there is no power in the socket the battery won’t charge and there is no alternative way of charging it. So what could be an alternative way of charging the UPS battery? Well there is no single answer because there are a numerous ways of getting this job done. Solutions range from Solar panels, Gas generators to my personal favorite the windmills.

Windmills have been around for centuries and to date are being used for converting the natural wind energy into other forms. So the question is how could we construct a wind mill at home? Constructing a simple windmill is indeed a simple project. All you need are appropriate blades, a tower, few bearings and the heart of any windmill an electricity generator. For simplicity we can use a car generator which can generate 12v of electricity and can easily charge a car battery. A car generator however is made to run on very high RPMs where as a windmill under excellent condition may still generate a lower RPM. So slight modification to the winding is required for it work perfectly. I am currently in the process of putting together a windmill to charge my UPS battery and will update you folks with the result and discoveries.!   


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