Monday, December 18

Google Adsense Alternative For Bukisa Members

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     Bukisa is a business and as a business, writers need to understand it is nothing personal. Bukisa is trying to survive in the ever evolving internet world. Either you adapt or go extinct. That being said, their client base, the writers on bukisa, who spent countless hours, writing and submitting, must find a solution to bukisa current monetizing model.

     Basically as it stands now, we have one choice, get an adsense account or never earn another cent on bukisa. Bukisa use to use the bukisa index, which was based on multiple advertisers paying them for impressions and video views as well as clicks. It was basically an all in one model, that allowed the writers guarrenteed income, even if visitors did not click on any ads. It was a great model and will be surely missed by many.

     Bukisa forgot to take one thing into consideration when they switched their monetizing model; the writers. Many writers either, can not get approved for an adsense account or have been banned by adsense for one reason or another. I know of one person who was making $400+ per day from adsense off his news site and suddenly they banned him. His site was fine for two years, but adsense decided to just get rid of him. As you can see, adsense is a great model, but can be unfair at times to the publishers.

     So bukisa needs some alternatives. Personally, if one of their writers can not be approved for an adsense account, they should allow their adsense code to be placed on the writers content and a share of whatever the income is, sent to the writer. This will help writers who can not get an adsense account for one reason or another. They should allow also to place whatever ad code we want on our content. Lets say I have an adbrite account. I should be able to place my ad code on my own content and avoid adsense all together. So bukisa, allow us the option to place alternative ad codes on our content.

    Also there are some other big companies beside adsense that can be used but are hard to get approved for on your own. Bukisa should get a deal with Pulse360 based on overall impressions on their site as a whole then allow us revenue sharing. Pulse360 pays anywhere from 60cent to $3 and is a great alternative to adsense.

    Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head bukisa should consider. I have many ideas, but I think that since I will not be paid for them, I better just keep them to myself, unless bukisa wants to hire my services. 🙂


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