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Preventing Prostate Cancer: Diet, Foods And Lifestyle Modifications

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Talk of coffee and the first ting that comes to mind is caffeine addiction and the ‘unfortunate’ millions who need a cup to ‘unlock’ themselves in the morning. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health point to unknown health benefits of Coffee in preventing prostate cancer.

Though caffeine is not the implicated compound, as similar effects were also noted with decaffeinated coffee, the benefit is in not doubt. According to the researchers, six or more cups of coffee cuts down the risk of all forms of prostate cancer by 19 percent and 41 percent for aggressive cancer. The proposed mechanism is through coffee’s effect on insulin and glucose metabolism. A fact supported by the diabetes protecting effects of coffee demonstrated in other studies.

This findings however should not mean that increasing coffee taking habits is recommended, though individuals already at said consumption levels have no reason to cut back.


The omega fats found in fish when part of the diet are beneficial in preventing hypertension, cardiac arrest and stroke. In prostate cancer, the role of a fish laden diet is seen in preventing aggressive forms like metastatic disease [44%] and death [66%] from prostate cancer through the anti-inflammatory actions of omega 3 fish oils.

The effectiveness of manufactured alternatives like fish oil supplements is yet to be studied.


With increasing affluence and the cultural impacts of globalization, diets around the world increasingly meat based and vegetable deficient. Vegetables are important sources of micro nutrients such as iron and vitamins Non-nutritive compounds such as the plant derived phytochemicals which have a role in preventing many diseases including cancer are another health benefit of including vegetables in your diet.

Soy products and broccoli family of vegetables have been show to reduce the chances of developing killer forms of aggressive prostate cancer. This is important because not all patients of prostate cancer die from the disease.

Meats and Dairy Products

Meat as many by now know is not the wisest of diet choices. Gout, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart attack are some of the medical conditions aggravated or caused by the breakdown of a meat heavy diet.

Lean meat [skinned chicken, fat stripped cuts], white meat [chicken, fish] over red meat [beef, pork, mutton] and substitution of meat with other protein sources like legumes and nuts are the four health rules on meat.

Dairy products are an important source of vitamin B12 whose deficiency leads to non-autoimmune pernicious anemia and dietary vitamin D which has a role in preventing prostate cancer.


Exercise boots the immune system preventing pathological processes like inflammation and therefore keeping the doctor away.

Changes in the 21st century such as motorization and computerization of human lives has seen most of take up sedentary lifestyles. Physical activity such as two-three hours jogging, biking, swimming , playing tennis per week or alternatively a brisk 15-30 mins daily walk will go a long way in living a health life.

Dressing is important when undertaking vigorous exercises with special attention paid to appropriate footwear. A lifetime of high impact exercises like jogging may predispose to other medical conditions like hip and knee arthritis.

Exercise has been linked as a way to decrease aggressive forms of prostate cancer by improving general health


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