Friday, December 15

Aoyue Ultrasonic Cleaner

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A great example of this collection is the jewelries. Cleaning and maintaining precious jewels is the key for its value. And one way of cleaning them is putting them into an Ultrasonic Cleaners. One brand of such kind is the Aoyue Ultrasonic Cleaners. 

An important term to know is Cavitation. Cavitation is the fast formation and collapse of millions of tiny bubbles or cavities in a liquid solution. Cavitation is being produced by the alternating very high and low pressure waves generated by high frequency ultrasonic sound. And during the low pressure phase, these little bubbles grow from microscopic size until, during the high pressure phase, they are compressed to each other and implode.

There are many things to consider and elements that is very important to ultrasonic cleaning. Optimizing these significant variables will produce the best cleaning. The most important decisions to be made are choosing the proper and best cleaning solution, cleaning at the right room temperature for the correct amount of time, and choosing the right type and size of ultrasonic cleaner. 

One good brand of Aoyue Ultrasonic Cleaner is the   Aoyue 9050 Ultrasonic Cleaner, This Ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound for highly and effective cleaning of in-accessible areas. It can remove dirt and even grease. It can also be used for cleaning very small Electronic & Mechanical parts. And for best results it is recommended to use appropriate cleaning fluid or best solvent suitable for every item that will be cleaned. It id build with LED Display showing a counter counting 99 second count-down time. With cleaning power of either 30W or 50W, and for protection the tank to ground Resistance of ≤ 0.1 which help protect Electronic Components against static energy discharge.


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