Sunday, December 17

The Cradlepoint Ctr 350 Wifi

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 Set-up of this gadget is about as simple as any plug and play device, or maybe simpler. The graphical set-up program is quick simple and easy to follow. You can able to connect to a U595 and a U720 in well under two minutes. A user used both a Dell and an HP laptop, and both recognized it and configured to the router with either card quick and easy. Machines with Vista will take a minute to find the wireless network settings, but once connected set-up is no problem or smooth as well.

It can connect a data-ready phone into the USB host port, and the Cradlepoint CTR 350 cellular router automatically establishes a connection to your cellular dealers or provider’s data network. It works similar to the way a home router manages works, a DSL or Cable modem connect and forget. Once you plug and play in a Cellular USB modem or a Handset quipped with a phone as modem tethered data plan, you can connect or associate your PC with the CTR350 just like in a common Café Hotspot and you’re on the WEB or Internet. You can optionally use a connector like the RJ-45 Ethernet port with a wired LAN card to give you easy shared wireless access when available.

The CradlePoint CTR 350 wireless router creates a Safe and Secure WiFi Hotspot from broadband enabled phones and modems. Enjoy the simplicity, ease and convenience of WiFi without having to search around for a connectivity hotspot and without risking a non-secure connection. Built-in firewall and security chat allows you or your group of friends to work securely while protecting your bandwidth circle. WEP and WPA encryption meet strict IT ruleing and standards for WiFi security.



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