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Hakko Soldering Station

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These gadgets and tools include soldering irons and other heat source applications. Hakko soldering station has been widely accredited and used in the designing and integrating electrical components.

Hakko soldering station is featured and equipped with an inbuilt temperature controlled technology thus this makes a better efficiency and usage. This feature doesn’t only makes soldering easy but also enables operators or users to de-solder various components and connectors. Some of the attractive and innovative features of Hakko solder station include; it’s easy operation users don’t need much training, light in weight; can be easily carried into places, shock proof body that makes it very strong, high performance and longer functional life making it profitable. And it can be also use in de-soldering.

Hakko solder station is a great companion for electrical engineers and other electronics workers. The use of a slim/thin grip iron gives a better integration and convenience of high grade series tips and heating elements performs and executes better result. Some of the Hakko stations are also have featured with Lock screw, for safety which prevents inadvertent changes and fluctuating in the setting of temperature. There are numerous Hakko products that are available in variety of specifications. A user may choose the best and fit equipments as per the work requirement.

The Hakko 485 soldering iron system is a compact, high-performance soldering system developed for soldering and de-soldering components and connectors mounted on PC boards. The gadget is compatible with lead-free solder, also solder flow is temperature-controlled and time-controlled, soldering and de-soldering cycles are automatic and precise. It has also a built in locator light locates the exact position for placing little components. Solder that is remaining in through-holes is completely detached and removed by using the module Hakko 486 Air Blower and lastly a large selection of nozzle sizes available


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