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Neobux And Onbux Strategy Guide to Earn $20 Per Day

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Neobux and Onbux are the same legit PTC (paid to click) sites which provide instantly payout to member.All you need to do is that just click on the advertisement showed in the sites then view for 30 seconds then you can get 1 cent per ads. One day you able to get around 4-5 ads showed and clicked, which mean you can earn 4-5 cents per day. 4 cents per day seem like a very low amount to earn online one day. How you can double or even triple up the earning amount? Here showed you some tips and strategy that you may find interesting to follow.

Strategy # 1 Without Investment:

  1. You need to sign up an Neobux or Onbux account.

  2. Log in to the account and start clicking those displayed ads.

  3. Once your account reached $1.00 then transfer those credit into the rental balance.

  4. Rent a pack of 3 referrals.

  5. You need to monitor the performance of the referrals. If those referrals not active with below average 1 click per day or haven’t clicked in 6-7 days, then you need to recycle them. Cost you $0.07 per one referral cycled. Recommended auto recycle but you need to wait for 14 days in order to enable this function.

  6. Get more rented referral once your credit increased. But for standard member, you need to wait for 7 days before can make another rental.

  7. Don’t cash out the money that you already earned. Maintained the money in the account for buy more referral and sustained them.

  8. Once you reached 500 rented referrals then you can stop renting and just maintain on the ones that you have.

  9. You can consider to upgrade to golden member once you successful build up to $100

  10. Once you get Golden membership, keep renting more referrals and maintaining them. Once you hit 1250 referrals, you can stop renting referrals and just maintain them and start to cash out your money.

Strategy # 2 With Investment:

  1. You need to sign up an Neobux or Onbux account.

  2. You need to try to get as more direct referral as you can that able to gain you 100% profit.

  3. Buy golden member for $60

  4. Rent 100 referrals cost $20

  5. Keep on clicking and be active in the sites

  6. Extend the first pack of 100 reff for 90 days with 20% discount

  7. Keep renting 100 pack referrals and keep on clicking.

  8. Make sure that you maintain and monitor an average of 1 in order to make profit. If less than adv 1 per day , recycle them.

  9. keep doing this until you reach 1000 referrals.

  10. Be sure to maintain your referrals and to extend your referrals for 90 days which will give you a 20% discount.

  11. Slowly cash out your money every week and you should get your investment back in around 3 months.

  12. After that, everything is pure profit for you so you can think about how to get an ultimate pack ($620 ,$640 for 6 months .. with an ultimate account you will earn a lot of money every month going to 4000$/month .. !)

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