Tuesday, December 12

Why Christmas Special Time of Year.

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Christmas, is a time for family and friends to get together. Its a time when lights go up and the carols goes  on the radio. Christmas, is Jesus’s Birthday, Would’t it be nice to back a cake and be able to write happy birthday Jesus. So what dose Christmas reality mean to me.  I bake chocolate chip cookies which I give to my brothers as a christmas present every year.

it is a time of the year to help out  someone  out who less fortunate then yourself. Now, I not going to ask kids what is Santa Clause going to bring you, Why,  I don’t know what parents are teaching their kids about Santa. I love going to midnight mass at Christmas.  My Dad, makes egg nog, Which I personally don’t care for.  I never like anything with the rum. 

I wish I could get my cat to open her present, She ends up walking away and not even bother with her gifts.  I grow some more cat grass, she would really like that. what I do, Is take lose tissual papper, and sprinkle a little cat nip before I wrap it up.

I end up open it for her, I would mind being home just to   watch her open her gift.


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