Monday, December 18

It is Time You Looked at Your Fitness

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What is the best index which tells you that you are a in reasonably good shape?

Staircase test

Let us take the climbing of stairs. If it is the eighth floor, one can understand people hesitating. But when you have to get to the second floor and you wait for the elevator, then something is definitely wrong. You are in a poor shape. You may argue that you cannot afford to waste time, climbing stairs. Such frivolous arguments will only strengthen the position that you are in a poor shape. In fact, climbing the stairs is a wonderful aerobic exercise. Indeed, if you can achieve this with ease, you are in a good shape and you can continue to do it without resorting to any other form of exercise.

Looking for a seat?

You are waiting for a bus or train. It will be another fifteen minutes before it turns up. What do you do? You search for a place to sit. If you can’t stand or walk about for fifteen minutes, then you are in a poor shape. You have to buy something from the shop which is located in the next street. Instead of going out, if you send your wife, then you are not exactly bursting with vitality. At the same time, you may decide to go, but if jump into your car to go to the next street, you definitely don’t present the picture of a physically fit person.

Where are my toes

Stand upright and with one of your fingers try to touch one of your toes without bending your knees. Most of you won’t be able to do it. In fact this is an acid test to indicate the suppleness and flexibility of your body. Indeed some of you would be lucky to see your toes, because your paunch would mask your vision.

Are you gasping?

When you are carrying some weight or when you are climbing the stairs, are you out of your breath? It is time you looked at your health.

Are you postponing things?

There is a tendency among many people to postpone things. In many cases, this is because you are not in good physical shape and you tend to procrastinate as long as possible. It is actually an indirect way of telling that you are not very fit.

If you are having these symptoms, it is time you looked at your fitness levels.


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