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Network Marketing – The “scam” Questions

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As Professional Network Marketers, we get a lot of objections. Fact is, many of them get me quite angry.

People who throw out these are either previously hurt by MLM or are purposfully keeping themselves ignorant in an effort to be angry at something!

Let’s investigate a few.

“Is this one of ‘dem Pyra-mid Things”?

Well, yes, it’s a pyramid shape, just like any corporate structure.

“Yeah, but I don’t gotta PAY to work at my job”

Well, that’s because this isn’t a job, you’re starting your own home-based business.

“But why I gotta BUY product every month?”

Look, think about this opportunity less as a ‘job’ and more as a ‘personal franchise‘. Just like McDonalds, a franchisee buys their stock monthly – it isn’t given to them by Mickey-D’s

“But they don’t gotta eat all them fries themselves!”

That’s why you share the product with your friends and neighbors and others who could benefit from it. Then you earn a commission. Fact is – you only buy what you USE, or can comfortably retail.

“Is this one of ‘dem scams”

No, Network Marketing is a legitimate business that distributes product through individuals rather than retail stores. Like Tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef, or Watkins.

“but aren’t they all scams?!”

No. yes, there are scammy companies (they tend to be obvious). There are scammy distributors who ruin it for others.

BUT, if you approach this as a legitimate opportunity to help other people with their financial and time problems, then you have a vehicle to truly change people’s lives.

If you’re out to ‘get’ the next person, you’ll eat your soul. If you’re out to help, it comes through and you’re making the world a better place.

“But why you gotta sponsor people to earn?”

You don’t people can make a good living off retailing.

Think of this like real estate. Some Agents are just agents -they sell. Others are brokers, who can work with and train Agents and earn a cut on the sales. Same concept.

“Aren’t the products more expensive?”

Sometimes. But frequently the products are substantially better than anything out there -IF there’s anything equivalent in stores.

“Why don’t the company just sell and sponsor themselves and not use people?”

Because nothing sells like personal testimonial – you ever had someone recommend a movie, restaurant, etc.? Those restaurants ever pay you a commission? Here you use the product, love the product, and share it with others.

“Can anyone do this”.

Yes, and no. This is a BUSINESS, so there are skills you probably didn’t get in previous careers, and you need to work, and focus, and make this a part of your life. It is NOT get rich quick, but for those who apply themselves, LEARN, try new things and DON’T QUIT, there is substantial incomes to be earned.

Unfortunately so many people FAIL because they QUIT before they learned what it takes to be successful. Simply put, they GIVE UP.

“But math shows these will fail, ’cause in XX generations you’ll have sponsored everyone in the world!”

True, but people aren’t machines and don’t follow math. People get excited, dream of the cars, homes and vacations, and when they find out it takes WORK, effort and learning, they quit.

The fact is, Network Marketing WORKS. There are thousands and millions of people making serious money in it, and ‘No’, they didn’t have to start the company or join it in the first month. You can join almost any time, and work your way into a solid income. Don’t believe me – do a search for “JR Jackson”. He’s one of my personal mentors, has made over $8million in this industry, and has never joined a company ‘at the top’.

But he does work his tail off.

“But you’ll run out of prospects!”

Nonsense. Sure, Math shows you that, but the fact is Network Marketing has been around for over 50 years, and only a small fraction of the world is currently in one. The opportunity in your own city is nearly unlimited and could produce massive incomes.

Network Marketing is for real, and the rejections people throw up can all be dealt with with intelligent information. Treat this like a business, and you can be richly rewarded!

Jon R. Patrick takes his 20 years experience in Network Marketing and has joined forces with Mandura.

Success is found through a Team and a System –


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