Monday, December 18

Picnic Basket

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3/4″ Flat Reed
1/2″ Flat Reed
3/8″ Flat Reed
12″ X 12″ Square Hoop
2 12″ Square Swing Handles (Oz)
5/8″ Flat/Oval Reed
Sea-grass Regular And Mini
11/64″ Flat Reed
1 Stoneware Pottery Moose And Large Tree  
Calico Lid Set

  • Cut 16 spokes at 38″ long from 3/4″ Flat Reed.

  • Cut 8 fillers at 18″ long from 1/2″ Flat Reed. Soak them and mark the centers on the rough sides.

  • Lay out 7 of the 3/4″ spokes horizontally in front of you with rough sides up and center marks lined up 1″ apart.

  • Weave in starting at the center spoke a 3/4″ spoke OVER the edge spoke and under the center spoke. Weave in a 1/2″ filler next on each side of the center spoke lining up center marks. Alternating 3/4″ spokes and 1/2″ fillers weave in the rest of the spokes and fillers. Push these tightly together. Adjust the base to 11 1/2″ tall and 11 1/2″ wide.

  • Fold Over the ends of the fillers and split them to spoke and tuck under 2nd spoke over from edge. Trim extra.

  • Weave sides as follows:

    The rim is used as a mold to assure the shape of the basket. Check the size and shape often and make sure it fits.

  • Three rows of mini sea-grass (Uses 14′)

  • Three more rows of 1/2″ flat

  • One row of 1/2″ flat and on this row weaves on the moose and tree. Weave them on the 7-spoke side, the moose on the third spoke from the right and the tree on the 2nd spoke from the left.

  • Three more rows of 1/2″ flat.

  • Three more rows of mini sea-grass.

  • Five more rows of  1/2″ flat

  • Cut and tuck the spokes.

  • Insert the handles on the 7-spoke side on the third spoke in from each side. (This should be a cut off spoke). The square hoop is the inside rim and the handles should catch on the bottom of the rim.

  • Use 5/8″ flat/oval Reed for the outside rim and large sea-grass for rim filler. Overlap rim at handles. Use large clips to keep it tight. Lash with 11/64″ Flat Reed, “X” at handles.

  • Stain with weaver’s stain and tie on Calico Lid.


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