Monday, December 18

How To Maintain And Take Care Of Nails

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It’s very important to take care of hands and our nails are one of part of it, so clean and beautiful nails gripped attraction towards you.

Add some extra oomph to your daily style. Nail ‘the super chic way …

Prepare your nails to wear lustrous color. Here’s how: 

  • File them regularly to keep them in shape. 

  • Do not use nail cutters. 

  • Push back the cuticles with an orange stick before applying nail polish or simply use a cuticle remover. Scared to do it? Then go get a manicure. 

  • Don’t bite off the dead skin at the sides of your hails. Remove with nail clipper.

  • Polish nails with a buffer to smooth out the ridges, making them shine with health.

  • Use your orange stick to clean under the nails.

  • Massage nails with olive oil and soak them in warm water with lemon in it, to keep them soft. 

  • Your hands speak volumes, so remember to massage them with a rich moisturising cream. 

  • Apply a base coat before applying nail color. It keeps the color from chipping or fading too soon, and protects nails from discoloration. 

  • Say it beautifully with vibrant color, but do allow color to dry well in between coats. Then use a top coat to seal the polish, making the nails look well finished and fresh for longer. Psst: Touch up the color after a few days, to make it last. 

  • And voila, you are all set to make a starry statement.

Paint your feelings

Colors always reflect the way we feel. We use them to communicate our thoughts and our moods. And that’s why you can say it fashionably through your nails! So why not to paint each and every feeling of yours.

Make way for Metallica with vibrant reds, a black, greens and some blues. These super chic shades can make all that difference! 

The Quick Dry formula gives your nails a high definition gloss.



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