Monday, December 18

Six Healthy Cooking Method And Tips That Helps to Reduce Fats And Calorie

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Every one of us want to be healthy and fit, so here are some interesting tips of cooking healthy food that reduce your fat and calorie intake with the below given methods of cooking.

First method Baking:

 Your oven can be used for a lot more than just making bread and cakes. Cook your chicken, seafood and vegetables in this manner.The best part is that baking generally doesn’t require you to add fat to the food.

Second method Grilling:

This involves applying the food to direct heat. Grilling is healthy as it allows the excess fat to drip away from the food and requires less cooking time than cooking on a stove or an oven. It’s perfect for meat as it doesn’t reduce the tenderness or natural flavour of the food.

Third method Steaming:

 This is deftnitely one the simplest and healthiest cooking  techniques. Steamed rice is easy to make and tastes good. If you’re concerned about the food I turning bland, add some seasoning to the water.

Fourth method  Stir-fry:

 This traditional Asian method, quickly cooks small pieces of food on a high flame. Still better, it requires only a small amount of oil and keeps all the flavours of the food intact. 

Fifth method Roasting :

 Similar to baking, this method involves using the heat of an oven to cook the food. I For chicken, seafood and red meat, place a rack inside so that the fat can drip away during cooking.

Sixth method Sauteing:

Sauteing is usually done using a nonstick pan and doesn’t require much fat. Try using a  low-sodium broth or water in place of oil. 


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