Friday, December 15

At The Beginning…

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    Farewell to 2010.   Welcome 2011!

    I finally have gathered all the guts I had left and quit my job which I have had for almost 10 years now.   I know it is not that long to some but if you really do not have your heart in what you do anymore, another year would be like forever.   So I just did it.   I quit.   Today is my last day of work.   I watched the busy streets as I drove off to work on my last day.   The Christmas season has formed a major traffic on some intersections.   The breeze is cooler.   The hearts around, warmer.   My mind wandered somewhere else.   Stepping on the brakes as the stop light went red, I smiled.  Oh no, nothing is going to stop me now.

     So what is in store for 2011?  Travel.   I have had a blast in the years that had passed.   I got into the world of sales and learned the meaning of competitiveness, organizing, assertiveness and yes, a bit of the art of kissing ass.   I cried, laughed, smiled, flew and swam with different faces in different places I could have just imagined.   The pace was fast.   I went farther and nearer and then last August, I got married to the man to whom I learned to calm and slow down a bit.   It was quite a journey.   It still is.   So this coming 2011, I am not going to stop traveling to distant places and learn more in every experience I encounter.  This is the year where I end one bombastic journey and start the slow paced one.  

     I am at the beginning.   I am armed with excitement and I am ready to go.


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