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Sexting For Adults: Tips For Flirting With Your Boyfriend by Text Message

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With more people using cell phones, it’s only normal for women to use their cell phone as a way to flirt. There are over 285 million cell phones in use in the United States alone, More than  likely your man has a cell. Most women are fairly comfortable flirting over the phone call or face-to-face, but don’t feel comfortable flirting by text.

Sexting or flirting by text is an adult activity. In fact it’s best to only sext with a man you’ve dated for awhile or are in a serious relationship with. This is for your personal protection and it also allows you to feel comfortable sending your sexy messages. You need to feel secure that your messages will remain private, the last thing you want is to have other people read your message. You want sexting to enhance your relationship, not complicate it. 

Know Your Man And His Comfort Level

While some men will quickly get into your text and exchange sexy message for sexy message all day, there are some that won’t. This is one reason you really want  to know the man you’re dating. If he’s not comfortable sexting you may need to start slow with sweet, subtle messages. If he is comfortable you can start out full force and be the sexy sexting siren of his dreams. It all depends on how comfortable each of you is with flirting and sexting.

Will He Think It’s Funny? If Not Don’t Send It

Your wit,  silliness and sarcasm may amuse your man in person or over the phone, but can be a recipe for disaster in a flirting text. Even if he has a sense a humor, what if he doesn’t get your joke? Don’t text anything that can be taken the wrong way. Teasing you man is best left for face-to-face flirting. Save yourself some explaining and apologizing by keeping your sexting on the serious side.

You Can Keep It Clean, Or Get A Little Dirty

Flirting by text is a type of extended foreplay, but you really don’t need to ever mention sex. Seduction is not about being explicit So don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable talking dirty, because you don’t need to. Use  words to stimulate his imagination. You can save the dirty talk for when you’re alone together, plus he doesn’t need to get too excited while he’s at work.

Check Your Message Before You Send

It’s easy to send a text message to the wrong person. As your texts heat up the last thing you want to do, is to send your text to the wrong person. Mistakes will happen especially if you’re multi-tasking or are new to textin.,Before sending that steamy message, be certain the right person receives it.

With these tips, you can start having some fun sexting with your man. This is only the start of something much more intimate when you see each other face-to-face. The important things to remember about flirting in text messages is to really be comfortable and have some fun. Your man will see how much fun flirting by text is, you may find him sending  his own flirty sexts.


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