Monday, December 18

Intended Benefits of Green Tea

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Most people, who drink green tea, do it for a simple reason and that is to loose weight and cut down on fat but as per the clinical studies done by various institutions worldwide, it is now believed to be helpful in Dental Care and Tooth Decay as well besides treating Diabetes and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Syndrome (IBDS). 

There is an ongoing research being performed on the benefits of green tea and soon it might be an answer to inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Green Tea might be helpful in reducing inflammation and slowing cartilage breakdown. Another problem the chemicals found in green tea might be able to effective in treating genital warts. 

In diabetic condition, green tea is used to control blood sugar.  It is believed that drinking green tea may prevent the development of type 1 diabetes because type 1 diabetic patients produce little or no insulin, a hormone that converts starch, sugar and food into energy needed in the body. Green Tea might help in regulating this deficiency. 

Some research has also proved to have treated liver disorders through consuming ten cups of green tea daily. It is also believed that green tea protects the liver from toxic substances like alcohol etc. A chemical called catechin found in green tea may also help in treating inflammation of the liver from a virus.

Ongoing Research also believes that Green Tea might be able to help in reducing inflammation related to Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis which are two kinds of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. People suffering from IBDS are at a risk of colon cancer and if green tea proves to be helpful, colon cancer will surely be prevented. 

Green Tea however is believed to boost metabolism and help burn fat. In a research study, it has been found that a combination of green tea and caffeine helps in losing weight and maintaining weight in average obese people. Catechin is again the chemical here which aids green tea in fat-burning process. 

Once the research study is complete, green tea will bring relief to many ailments. The herb is at present is being examined all over the world for authenticated results and hopefully will confirm its credibility very soon.    


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