Monday, December 18

Baseball – How It Is Played

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Baseball is a game that is played with a bat and a ball between two teams having nine players each on a special field. Baseball is a very popular game in America and it is recognized as America’s national sport.

To win the game, each team is required to score the highest amount of runs, to score more than the other team. This game has one of the most peculiar ways of making a score. The job of the batsman is to hit the ball a large distance as much as possible so that they will have ample time to quickly make a  score on a track that is like a diamond in shape with its four corners called bases.

The batsmen can run to each base and when a batsman runs from the hitting base to all three bases and back, one score is counted. The batsmen have time just until the ball is returned by the members of the other team’s fielding to their mates posted on the bases. Once the ball is received back, the batting team cannot run any further or else they would be declared ‘tag-out’.

Also, two members of the batting team cannot be at one base at the same time or else one of them would be declared ‘tag-out’. It is like a successive run. One member runs to a post, followed by another member while the first one runs to the next base and so on until they reach the original base, the batting base and turn to the pavilion while one run is counted. 

A home-run is a run scored by a member of the batting team by touching all four bases successfully without the ball being returned in time to obscure him from making a run and restraining his run to any of the first, second or third base after the batting base.

The players of each team are required to wear a distinctive set of baseball jerseys and also there are some special equipments like gloves, cleats and helmets for the team members.


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