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Useful Herbal Treatments For Human Immunodeficiency Virus -Hiv

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These herbal teas have proved useful in combating the HIV virus in the test tube and some treatments have been patented by pharmaceutical companies. Suggest that HIV discuss any treatment you are considering with your doctor. While taking some of these herbs, certain medications and alcohol should be avoided. Do not try any of these without first talking to your doctor. 

The herbal treatments for HIV 
Help is herbal HIV. Of course, should be under medical care, but with the approval of doctors who may be a herbal approach with prescribed medication. You can drink a tea made from St. John’s wort, oregano and hyssop. Sweeten with a little licorice, also eat lots of garlic and onion. Herbs can not cure HIV but can stimulate the immune system. Any person who has HIV should be aware of the latest medical and follow medical advice. 

Here are herbs that can be useful for HIV.

LICORICE:Licorice tea is useful against any virus. The active compound in licorice is glycyrrhizin. You can live in the ability of the virus to enter host cells and change their genetic material. There have been studies show that licorice inhibits the growth of HIV in a test tube. Add a piece of an ounce of licorice root with one liter of any herbal tea or just chewing the root. Some may prefer a commercial preparation. Licorice is safe to use up to three cups a day, but the long-term use or excessive use can cause headaches, lethargy, sodium and water retention, potassium loss and high blood pressure. 

OREGANO:Antioxidants are substances that clean up free radicals, neutralizing their ability to do harm. Oregano is one of the herbs that have the most antioxidants. Make tea of oregano and preferably sweetened with licorice. 

ST. JOHN’S WORT: hypericin and pseudohypericin contains compounds which is an antiviral. Shown to be active against HIV in the test tube. A mixture of this plant has been patented as a treatment for cytomegalovirus infection, one of the many infections that strike people with HIV. It suggests taking a dye made from the whole herb, 10 to 30 drops daily in juice several times a day. St. John’s wort contains MAO inhibitors. People taking these should avoid alcohol, fever and resources smoked or pickled foods, cold and hay, amphetamines, drugs, tryptophan and tyrosine. Do not take if pregnant. This herb can also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. 

ALOE: Evidence in test tubes have shown that immune stimulation consisting of aloe vera acemannan may be useful in treating HIV. It can also reduce the requirements of AZT, minimizing the side effects of this potent drug. recommended dose is up to 250 mg four times daily. Higher doses have shown no adverse effects in dogs and rats. You can buy the juice at most health food stores. Do not try to make your own. The juice can have a laxative effect too if not properly prepared. 


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