Friday, December 15

The Concept of Market Value. Investment Offices, Mechanization And Labor Protection

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The concept of market value. Investment Offices, mechanization and labor protection

      1. Design guidance office and is responsible for work on developing technical drawings according to the order recipient and spare parts in manufacturing sectors.

      2. Investment Bureau, mechanization and urges safety and is responsible for the effective exercise of the areas of investment and construction – installation, construction, general engineering for application to the specific context of forestry, transportation, technology, equipment, upgrades profitable effects and a good way spare parts and materials, contributing the smooth production process. Also be responsible for production work.

      3. Office – mechanical energy dealing with the proper functioning of machinery and equipment necessary in the process of production.

      4. Standards Bureau is responsible for compliance with the specific rules of working time for employees, especially in the productive sector.

      5. Office programming, management, organization, payroll, legal, personnel are working body of the enterprise that provides a thorough grounding perspective proposed annual program for all indicators and all the sections and tasks set by superior authority and enterprise management . It also looks at how they are recruited and used in the enterprise workforce and how it is framed and promoted staff.

      6. Financial Bureau – accounting, pricing, administrative, protocol responsible for organizing and accounting, in accordance with the law, is director of economic heritage management is required. For this purpose he must ensure, by law, necessary conditions for: preparing documents on economic operations, organization and keeping accurate and updated accounting, organize and inventory the assets and apply the results, the rules for drawing up the balance sheet , publication in the Official Gazette and tabled within the law enforcement, keeping the supporting documents, records and balance sheets, management accounting organization adapted to the specific unit.

      7. Bureau “quality control” has a special role in society is the final factor that controls the quality of products and services provided by company


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