Tuesday, December 12

Detox Diet Helps To Strengthen The Body With Good Bacteria

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When you binge during the festive season, forgetting all the good diet fund-as, the next step followed by most people is to go on a detox diet to “cleanse” the body of all impurities. However in the process, you often end up depriving the body of vital nutrients making it weak andcausing bacterial imbalances.


Apart from impulse dieting, even a heavy dose of antibiotics?and pain-relieving meditations can cause imbalance as they are known to kill beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Hence, after intense surgeries and heavy medications, you often experience a loss of appetite – an indication of bad bacteria taking over. Bad bacteria compromises the ability of the stomach to digest food better leading to discomfort, bloating, headache, constipation, diarrhoea, urinary tract infections and so on.

 The most effective way to crease the probiotics quota in your syscounter this – feed body with tern but are great fur strengthening the good bacteria or probiotics for assimilation, absorption and keeping stomach healthy. Increasingly, research points to the immune-boosting powers of probiotics, which come in not only supplements but also through food.


In macrobiotics, detox is a process of strengthening the body while cleansing it simultaneously. Therefore, food stuffs or a style of eating which disperses energy within the body are encouraged. This includes foods which are low on the glycemic index such as radish, sweet potatoes, carrots, and soya beans lentils, apples, pears, plums’ kiwis and grapes. Such food are also alkaline and potassium rich which results in radiant-looking skin.


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