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Twilight Film Review

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Bella is lonely, she has moved from her Mothers home to live with her Dad in a small town called Forkes. She has never been one to fit in and likes to keep herself to herself and not have to bother with the latest fashions or trends. She starts her new school and makes friends but she is fascinated by the Collins family who attend the school. They are a strange bunch and do not fit in and Bella instantly takes a liking to Edward.

Bella gets a chance to get to know Edward as she sit with him in Biology but Edward will not talk to her and he soon disappears. When Bella is in danger at school it is Edward who saves her life and this leads Bella to make the discovery that he is a Vampire. She likes this idea and is not scared of him and soon their friendship blossoms.

Jacob is a family friend and he warns Bella to stay away from the Collins family but she cannot understand why. Will Bella be able to live with Edward’s secret and will he be able to resist biting her and be able to start a relationship?

I have never had any interest in the Twilight saga before as Vampires and Werewolves to terrify the life out of me but I did give in to hubby and let him watch this film and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. I found the story to be excellent and so to was the acting. The one thing I enjoyed was how they made the Vampires quite human and believable and not the scary monsters we have all come to know them to be. The love story was great and not overly soppy and even hubby enjoyed this aspect of the film.

The acting was also excellent. Robert Pattinson played the role of Edward and he really had me mesmerised whenever he was onscreen. He played the dark and moody side to perfection and when he changed for Bella and became soft and gentle he also made this side of him very believable. He looked amazing and I even found him to be quite easy on the eye despite being so pale. There was a wonderful chemistry between him and the role of Bella and they were very natural together. Bella was played by Kristen Stewart and she was amazing. She showed so many different sides to her character and was easy to get to know and understand. She seemed at easy with Edward and when she did get scared she managed to show this is such a good and believable way. There was a good bond between the two lead roles and it was so good to watch.

We had some good support actors in the film and the role of Jacob was one which was quite memorable. He was played by Taylor Lautner. I liked the Indian appearance he had and felt he showed a good solid character with a hidden secret. He showed strength and softness with his character and I enjoyed the way he was with Bella and how he felt about her. Other good characters and actors included, Peter Facinelli as Dr Cullen, Billy Burke as Charlie Swan, Ashley Green as Alice and Anna Kendrick as Jessica. They were all very different characters and they did give the story some depth.

The special effects in the film were super and all blended will with the story and they did not look out of place at any point. I loved the appearance that Edward was given when in the sunlight as it was not what I was expecting as I have always thought Vampire died when in sunlight. The effects which were used to give them powers and fast movement were also very well made and looked natural. We did have some good shots of the surrounding area which special effects had been used on and I enjoyed seeing all of these and thought they were a joy to look at. The music was also good and worked well with the emotions and storyline.

I have not read the book which this film is based on so I am not able to comment on how different or similar it is but I will be looking for it now as I enjoyed the film so much. I think this definitely suit’s the teenage market but there is also enough of a story to also make it appealing to the adult market. I will certainly be watching the following film very soon.

The DVD can be bought for around £7 now which I feel is a reasonable price. The film is also being shown on Sky Anytime for the next few weeks. The run time of the film is 122 minutes and I found this to be a good length with the story moving at a good steady pace from start to finish. The rate is a 12A and I agree with this due to the subject matter.

I am more than happy and quite surprised to be giving this film the full 5 stars but I really did entertain both me and hubby. It was not what I expected as I am not a fan of Vampires and I found the love story which we got to be enjoyable and believable. The acting and effects are excellent and I think this film is definitely one for all to watch.



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