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Choosing The Best Shine Products For Your Hair

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There are hundreds of different shine products available for your hair. Some can be found in the haircare aisle of your local retail store while others are only sold in salons. These products come in many different varieties, from aerosol sprays and syrup-like serums to hard waxes and pomades. With all of these choices available, it can be very difficult to choose the right shine product for your hair type.

So where to begin?

First, let’s explore what shine products are made of, and how they work. The one thing all shine products have in common is that they contain ingredients which add sheen and luster to the hair. Common ingredients include silicone, dimethicone, and mineral and organic oils. These ingredients do not penetrate into the hair, but coat the surface of the hair strand. Most shine products come in three main varieties: sprays, serums, and waxes.

The type of shine product best-suited for your hair depends mostly on your hair’s texture. Texture is a word that can describe many things, but in the world of hair it usually describes the way your hair feels to the touch. Coarse and wiry describes one type of hair texture, while smooth and silky describes another. Most people who need a shine product fall into the coarse and wiry category. Coarse hair usually feels dry and brittle, and appears dull. Those with gray hair, chemically damaged hair, and naturally curly hair often fall into this category.

If your hair is coarse, you will need a heavier shine product, such as a serum or a wax. Serums work quite well on those with thick hair, long hair, or hair that is extremely coarse. These products are usually clear in color and have the consistency of corn syrup. Serums work best on dry hair, although they can be used on damp hair prior to drying in order to control frizz. Serums don’t have any hold, so they cannot be used to set a style. Waxes, on the other hand, provide soft hold and are great for taming fly-aways and styling shorter hairstyles.

Shine sprays are best-suited for those with fine hair. Serums are usually too heavy for those with fine hair and will often leave the hair looking flat, oily, and greasy. Waxes can also be used on fine hair, but they must be used sparingly or else they too can weigh the hair down and make it appear greasy.


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