Monday, December 11

How to Earn on Internet?

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I am taking the opportunity to introduce a few sites  for the publishers of  Bukisa, whom I think should join immediately in addition to this site weather or not they are having trouble adjusting to the recent change this site had due to it’s  Google tie-up. Here are a few real good sites those really pay and you really dont have to go for each and every visit that you almost beg for on this site.


Wikinut is one of the best if you know the real trick and is the best of these all, but you should know the trick it takes just a few minutes a day and you can have a viewer ship that you only will believe when you try them. These are all legal tricks. You can republish articles that are already published online, so for me, this is really a double bonanza and I have 50 articles there. Join-

Hub Pages

I was on hub pages, in fact I am still there but Hub Pages use mostly Google Adsense too, and I have lost my adsense account because some of my friends trying to over promote me have sent my account crashing, in fact that’s the only problem with adsense account, the big boss thinks that you are encouraging your friends to do it. But yes, they also have Amazon Associates, EBay, Kontera, and a couple of others, but I haven’t sold single items on hub pages; I use the site for my promotional.

Triond is one of the best sites out there for some people and I am one of them, I have almost 90 articles there and I have been there for 50 days only, got paid twice, managed two bonus with viewer ship very transparent, every thing in real-time, both system of payments that is Paypal and adsense, you can use both of them together. I fact Triond is a group of sites and they have different rate of payment per view. I get a lot of views there, so lot of money for me.

Factoidz is one of the best. I can say only this much about it that, they have the strict most rules and pay the best to the best, they give you an activity bonus, and they have a system of assigning projects, write and take it. Then thy give you activity bonus for promoting your stuff.   You can’t republish your articles anywhere else for one month an at least, after that you are allowed to republish your work on other sites, but this site is strict no, no for anything that’s been published before anywhere.

This is one of the best social net working sites I am subscribed to; spending about half an hour even in phases makes you very good money if you do not want to spend that much time at a stretch. Simply login write an answer to any question and switch to any where you wish to. A few such answers can do wonders for you.

Redgage- But beware of this site, as this site pays to few chosen ones only. Members especially from Asia and Eastern European countries are denied payment when they reach cash-out point. Cosider this site as scam site.

This one is pretty good for uploading of photographs and links.  – another  good one .

In fact there are quite a number of options you can use.


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