Monday, December 18

Have You Not Seen Good Players Going Over to Congratulate Their Opponents After Losing a Game?

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`My father loves his game of golf.’

`I bought myself a poster of Steffi Graff.’

You often hear statements like these. Every one loves to play some game or the other. Millions of people watch the sports channels on TV every school encourages the students to take part in sports. Are sports important for fitness reasons only? Sports demand a great discipline of body as well as mind.

You have watched great players on TV and the field. To be a great player demands a lot from you. Besides the talents God has given you, you have to put in a lot of effort on your own. Hours of practice go into the making of a good player. It needs a lot of discipline to play your role within the team. You have to obey the direction of your coach and the caption.   

a) Have you not seen good players going over to congratulate their opponents after losing a game?

b) Do you think it is easy to smile when you have lost? 

Try and do it and only then you will realize how much courage and effort it takes. But that is what makes one a fine sportsman.

Have you not seen great players control themselves when an oppo0nent commits a foul against them?

Or when a referee or umpire gives an unfair decision against them or their team?

They obey without a word of complaint. Try not to shout or grumble the next time you feel cheated and then you will realize how difficult it is.

So the next times you watch a game admire the discipline and the team work, the sportsmanship and the patience. And don’t forget about the hours and hours of practice that each player puts in to reach a great level.

Games and sports give a great training for the mind too. When you play a game, you have to keep of the game in mind. You cannot break the rules. Similarly in life, you have to follow some rules. If you don’t follow the rules, you will have to pay a price.


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