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The Organization of Production And Enterprise Characteristics

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The organization of production and enterprise characteristics

      S.C. Petromec S.A. Moineşti is a state owned company established by Government Decision no. 1381 of 29.12.1992 and comes from former Petroleum Equipment Repair Unit, which belonged Moineşti Extraction Drilling Trust. Petroleum Equipment Repair Department was established by Decree 206 / 05.12.1982, covering business, oil equipment repairs, spare parts Manufacturing of oil equipment and services for the oil industry.

      Company name is Moineşti Petromec SA and is registered in the Trade Register under number Bacau. J041582/1991, Vol. S.C. Petromec SA Moineşti, legal personality, in the form of company stock. It operates in accordance with Romanian law and its status.

      Currently S.C. Moineşti Petromec SA is in the process of mass privatization initiated by the application of Law no. 55/1995. S.C. Moineşti Petromec SA are among companies that FPS has brought to public auction 40% of its share capital, the remaining capital is divided between FPP II Moldova shareholders and holders of certificates of deposit coupons and certificates acquired after the privatization.

       The organizational structure of enterprise

      S.C. Petromec S.A. Moineşti economic unit in which it is engaged in oilfield equipment repairs and manufacture parts for oilfield equipment, base stations operating on economic management, but without legal personality, whose task is to provide services to units in the petroleum industry. Every sector of society is led by staff qualified engineer or Junior Engineer. The most frequently used at the same time the expression suggestive of organizational structure is the establishment of an economic unit. After its elaboration, organization is also a useful means of analyzing the organizational structure to refine them.

      The organization is’ graphical representation of the enterprise organizational structure. ” It includes sections usually figured by rectangles, indicating the links between these compartments. Develop an enterprise organizational structure is taking into account principles such as:

      a) the clear terms of business objectives as key elements in determining the structural divisions;

      b) specialization departments to increase their competence, resolve their tasks;

      c) correlating the organizational structure of the particular enterprise. Thus, for units of forestry, production profiles compartments (forest districts, polling hunting) will be set up geographically to group their activities on a smaller area, while industrial establishments profiling complex operational departments will be on products, processes or beneficiaries;

      d) reduce to the minimum possible number of hierarchical levels, thus making its own leadership structure more efficient;


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