Thursday, December 14

How to be Santa Claus For Dummies

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 Originally, Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas wore bishop’s robes but modern people generally describe him as white-bearded man in a red coat with white collar and red trousers.

Santa Claus or Father Christmas appears on the days before Christmas in department stores or shopping malls, or at parties.

My friend told me that his boss asked him to be Santa Claus to entertain the kids in orphanage. We discussed how to be a Santa Claus and summarized the following tips.

  • You can get Santa costume.

  • You should learn to laugh with ho-ho-ho style.  Your laughter should come from the diaphragm and reach down into your tummy to create the sound.

  • You can imagine that you are Santa Claus. You can visualize and make affirmation that you can spread happiness and laughter by being Santa Claus. You must find happiness in your heart. If  you have bad mood, you shall not perform Santa Claus. You must develop the spirit of Christmas in your heart.

  • You should  smile, smile, and smile. Your smile must come from  your heart. You can smile with your eyes  and  face.

  • You must show warm welcome!

  • We need to ask question to the children and listen to them. You can ask about their dream and hope but do not make promise if you cannot fulfill.

The most important thing is that you work with your heart and show that you care.


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