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Tips For Wrapping Gifts

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Wrapping presents can be a lot of fun for events such as holidays and birthdays. But it can also become frustrating as well. You can lose track of what you have wrapped, misplace one of the supplies, or have trouble wrapping a specific item. But this does not have to be a task you dread every year. There are a few ways to reduce the frustration and make wrapping presents a little easier.

Here are a few tips for wrapping gifts to keep in mind when the time comes to start wrapping presents.

1. Follow the safety tips for wrapping gifts, which can be found here. Regardless of how simple the task may be, you always want to keep the safety of yourself and those around you in mind.

2. If you have bought for more than one person, then keep a list of who you have bought for, and what you have bought them. This will help you to avoid forgetting who will be receiving what presents.

3. Figure out in advance how each present will be wrapped. Some presents are easy to wrap such as toys, games, DVDs, and CDs. Then there are presents that are oddly shaped or difficult to wrap, depending on the packaging or the item itself. Oddly shaped presents can go in a gift bag. Fragile presents, such as glass, can be placed in a gift bag or a gift box, and you can even wrap it in material such as news paper before placing the tissue paper over it. Clothing, blankets, and similar items can be wrapped or placed in a gift bag or box. Figuring out how to wrap each present in advance will make both your shopping and wrapping a little easier.

4. Gather everything together you need in advance. This includes the presents, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, gift boxes, gift tags or labels, a pen, scissors, tape, and any bows or ribbons you may be using. By gathering everything together, you will not have to stop wrapping to go get anything you may have forgotten.

5. Before you wrap a present, fill out the gift tag or label. Sometimes it can be tough to put the tag or label on the present and then fill it out, depending on the shape of the gift. You can put a clip board or a hard book under the gift tag as you fill it out. Then when you have finished wrapping the present, you can just put the gift tag on and move on to the next present. You can also fill out the tag on the gift bags in advance as well.

6. Keep everything where you can find it. It can become frustrating having to look for the pen, scissors, tape or labels in a pile of wrapping paper and tissue paper. You can always use a small container or pencil box to hold your supplies until you are ready to use them. Once you have used them, put them back into the container until you are ready to use them again. Using a container or pencil box can also be a big help when it is time to put the supplies away.

7. As you finish wrapping a present, keep track of it on your list. You can check it off or cross it out, or even write “wrapped” next to it. This way you will remember that you have bought and wrapped the present already.

8. Once you wrap a present, set it on the side and out of the way. This will give you the room you need without damaging any of the presents that are already wrapped.

9. As you put everything away, only carry as much as you can and not more. Making multiple trips may sound tiring, but it is better than accidentally hurting yourself or another person, as well as damaging a gift because you could not see or walk properly.

10. When you put the presents away, keep them in a safe spot, such as the closet or a storage tub (depending on the items), until it is time to place them under the Christmas tree or take them to a relative or friend’s home.

Following these tips for wrapping gifts can help you to get through the task without pulling your hair out. During the holiday season, wrapping presents can even help to get you into the Christmas spirit. All you need to do is make it easy on yourself and keep these tips in mind. You never know, you may even come up with a few additional tips to help you with your gift wrapping! Have fun wrapping the presents you have bought for your loved ones!


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