Tuesday, December 12

Alternative Article Writing Sites

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Alright well for those of you who have an uncertain future on Bukisa, with the change to Google Adsense, or for those who just want to try out some other writing sites to see what’s out there, these are the alternatives to Bukisa that I am and will be using.


Wikinut is not the best at anything, but you can republish articles that are already published online, so for me, they are the last place left I can transfer my articles to straight away.


HubPages use mostly Google Adsense too, but they also have Amazon Associates, Ebay, Kontera, and a couple of others, and you can republish if you delete all copies that are still online.


Triond is one of the best sites out there for some people. They don’t pay that much, but they give you the option of pay from Triond, or you can integrate Google Adsense in addition to your Triond earnings.

I make a few bucks a month there, and there are problems with it, but it is a reasonable alternative. You can’t republish any articles that have ever been published online before though.


Factoidz is pretty good. I can’t say too much about it, except they have paid me $1.17 since I joined three days ago. They give you an activity bonus, and they have a buzz it up page, where you can swap social bookmarking links, it seems to be a pretty well put together site that pays well. You can’t republish anything that’s been published before here.


Why am I including Sidetick in the list of article writing sites? It’s a paid social networking site that pays you a dollar to join, a dollar to invite a friend, and twenty five cents for six levels after that.

I’m including it because it paid me thirty dollars already from hardly any work at all. You get paid for views of your blogs, photos, videos, polls etc, and other people get paid to view them. Only a twentieth of a cent, but it adds up.

This site is only available in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Israel. They may be expanding to other countries soon, I don’t know it’s a fairly new site.

IM Faceplate

As we go down the list, things are a little less relevant to Bukisa users, but IM Faceplate is a social networking site for internet marketers. You can write articles which are monetized now by Adzly, an advertising site with a two level referral program. They are connected together, so if you sign up as my referral on IM Faceplate, you are my referral on Adzly. I don’t really know how it works, but I’m assuming you get paid if you write enough articles. It used to be monetized by Clickbank.


And finally, RedGage is a site that lets you make social bookmarking links, publish photos, videos, and blogs, but you get paid about $1 per thousand views. It’s not bad. I’m still waiting to get my RedGage Visa card, and it’s been a while now, but I did make money fairly quickly, so I’m not writing it off just yet.

Some other sites you might try if you’re game are Associated Content, Helium, Xomba, Info Barrel, etc, but some of these only use Google Adsense, and some of them are only for US users. I don’t bother with them myself.


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