Monday, December 18

God in a Crib One With Man

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I heard a yellow birdie sing

What did she sing?

O anything- or nothing!

It doesn’t matter;

Her ceaseless chatter

And her wings’ flutter

Draws me to her

In wrapped attention!

Sitting on the offshoot

What does she tell me?

Chattering and fluttering

She tells me something

She is immensely happy

That much I’m sure

But the Good News she does share

Is still obscure for me!

I hear my God

In nature speak

In all fine hues

And beautiful views!

Flowers open their secret petals

Spreading fragrance praising God

Butterflies of thousand colors

Whisper God’s word in humming joy!

The leaves of trees

Sway green and talk

The chirping birds

Sitting on the twigs,

Share eternal secrets of Almighty God!

By nodding their heads,

And actions in commotion

They say ‘yes’ to the Will of Lord!

Yonder I see a hillside

With some cows and sheep in graze

They are also hurrying

What does disturb the norms of nature?

Black and grey birds are flying

Fluttering their wings

And chattering their words

In secret tone of God’s mystery!

I stand there weak

Unable to speak!

Worthless and sinful

My conscience stained!

My thoughts go back

To that Bethlehem crib

Where all stood in awe

And sang ‘Gloria’!

The breeze embraced

And His love whispered!

Who am I

Before His might?

For me He came

In the form of a man

Sent from above

In all humility and in love!

Lord! Do you hear?

I ask in prayer,

With a humble heart

Along with nature

I adore Little Jesus

Like the shepherds and Magi

And thank Almighty

For His care and love!


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