Monday, December 11

Holiday Weight Loss – Start The New Year Right!

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The Holiday Season is here!

The time when we throw our diets and goals to the wind! Family and fellowship take priority over good eating choices.

Turkey, ham, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, desserts…. and a small side of green beans are the order of the day.

And Lunch the next day.

And the day after!

But eventually, we have to face facts – that we need to buckle down and get ourselves back on track for weight loss.

There are lots of ways to spend a lot of money trying to loose weight:

Those meal-package plans are effective, but really expensive.

‘Counting’ programs like WW are also effective, if you exhibit the discipline to both keep track AND push your plate away when you’ve hit your daily limit.

Fact is – Weight loss can be so simple, when people don’t make it hard…:)

Rule Number 1: Eat less, of higher quality foods. Eat more chicken, lean pork, lean cuts of other meats. Really, would a turkey burger seasoned with A-1 sauce kill you instead of the fat-laden hamburger? Eat a salad at every meal (NOT loaded with Thousand-Island dressing – come on, get real!). More veggies and fruits, and eat them first! General rule – eat a meat just one time a day, and of a portion no larger than the palm of your hand.

Rule Number 2 – Get up and MOVE more. I’m not talking about starting to train for a marathon, but get up in the morning and first thing go for a 20 minute walk. Go for a walk of 15-30 minutes after dinner. HECK, get UP and clean the house! You’ll lose weight and feel better about the home too!

Rule Number 3 – Take supplements to get “over the hump” when needed.

Unfortunately, most supplements do one of 2 things:

1. trick your body into thinking you’re full when you’re not. This is starvation.

2. rev up your metabolism, and we’ve all read about how dangerous this can be.

The wiser choice are a new set of supplements that use Leptin – the hormone your cells release to tell your brain “we’re full”.

Our modern lives – stress,poor eating, etc. – mess with our body chemistry, and sometimes those messages don’t get through.

Leptin supplements, like Mandura TRIM, help cut through the ‘clutter’ and make sure your brain knows when to stop eating. Naturally.

Safe, effective, and Clinically Proven.

Jon R. Patrick

TRIM can be your solution for effective weight loss in the New Year!

Find out more at: – read the Clinical Study, get your 30-day supply (first month has a 30-day money back guarantee!) and email me with any questions! Love it? Email me your testimonial for the site!


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