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Marketing Solutions For Fortune 1000 Companies

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Taylor is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.
We are a premier provider of powerful and intuitive products, services and expertise—this includes the interactive, printing and marketing solutions that have helped build some of the world’s most popular brands. It also includes strategic business thinking that saves money and creates value.
Everything we do begins with identifying the unique priorities and needs of our partners, and crafting one-of-a-kind solutions.

I’m Al Dutcher, Strategic Business Development at Taylor Corporation.

I often get asked about the work we do with Fortune 1000 companies.

What we do is, we help people grow their top line sales, and control their bottom line expenses, in almost anything having to do with marketing. That includes print, direct mail, online and email programs, list management, point of purchase or interactive sales tools.

In other words, once you have your brand and positioning worked out, and decided who you want to talk to, we have the size and expertise to maximize your spend.

That could mean customizing your print down to one, or coordinating your print with email and social media…creating personal URLs.

The thing is, everybody has a list of customers. We make sure you’re talking to the right people at the right time – by organizing and using data effectively.

In direct mail, with our ability to manage a list, we’ve saved people as much as 25% on pure mailing costs alone.

Or recently, one large organization started using our tools to introduce new products, and sales rep participation increased from 20-30 % all the way to 60-80 %. Because the tools were easy to use, and they helped manage prospecting.

What we do is different with every customer because we don’t have canned programs. We talk with clients and work to understand their business issues.

Then we develop a solution.

What’s great is that our experience cuts across most market segments. We can often show clients real life examples of companies who faced similar challenges—and they can see what worked.

AND we’re a privately held company that is in it for the long haul. We’re interested in long term relationships. And in seeing our partners succeed.

I’ve been with Taylor for 26 years, and there are many customers who have been here since I started. We pride ourselves on not losing customers, but adding more. My job is to get them to the right solution. Whatever is most effective and impactful.

So that they get the biggest return on their investment.

And that’s what we do here.


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