Monday, December 18

Love That Droid

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In Fall, 2009, Motorola and Verizon Wireless teamed up to bring something amazing to the mobile-phone market. Ok, I’ll just be realistic. Ever since the release of Apple’s iPhone in summer of 2007, mobile-phone manufacturers have been trying as hard as they can (and failing) to catch the iPhone and stop it in its tracks. This is, of course, accompanied by any carrier that is not AT&T (a.k.a. Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, but especially Verizon Wireless since they had their chance) kicking themselves over and over about not taking on the iPhone. Sure, Apple’s demands were a little rough, but it’s got to be hard seeing that the only reason you have customers is because you don’t drop calls, but that’s theonly reason, and people continually cave to the iPhone’s summons. 

Anyway, Google decided to take over the world a few years back, and they have been doing a pretty good job of it. Of course, they decided to control what everybody was saying and texting as well as blogging, watching and emailing, so they came out with their own cell-phone operating system, the Android. Then Motorola decided to have the world’s thinnest sliding smartphone and released the Droid, which ran the Android operating system. 

So you see, all these factors come together to create a world-dominating-thinnest-sliding-smartphone-from-the-self-punishing-no-dropped-calls phone company. Which is automatically a good thing. Ever since I got my droid in March, 2010, I have downloaded too many free applications, updated websites, blogged, emailed, and done just about everything except “rooting”, which is another story. The long and short of it is that I just love that Droid. I mean, as they say in the commercials, “In a world that doesn’t, DROID DOES.”

Ok, so I would also like to comment that I didn’t feel like I was making much sense through this post, but that’s ok because it can now be considered modern art. I like pie.


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