Monday, December 18

Beauty Tips: 10 Ways To Add Volume To Hair

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Unless you were lucky enough to be born with lush, thick hair (and most of us weren’t), you have probably, at one time or another, wished that you could add volume to your hair.  Fortunately, by following a few basic tips and tricks, it is possible to easily and quickly maximize your hair’s volume.  Here are some tried and true tips that will work for all hair types:

1. Keep it short.  Common sense says that the longer hair is, the more it weighs.  And the more it weighs, the less volume it will have.  Sometimes merely trimming an inch or two off the length will “lighten” the hair enough to add the volume you desire.

2. Keep it layered.  Layered haircuts will always have more volume than one-length cuts.  This is because the various lengths will cause the hair to “bounce” off each other, thereby looking fuller and thicker.

3. Re-think your conditioner.  Conditioners are great for making hair smooth and shiny, but they are also notorious for robbing your hair of volume.  When choosing a conditioner, always choose the lightest conditioner you can find that meets your specific conditioning needs.

4. Go curly.  Curly and wavy hair has more volume than straight hair.  Plug in the curling irons, dust off the hot rollers, and get the thick head of hair you lust for.

5. Use the right products.  There is no shortage of hair thickening and volumizing styling products on the market.  Most of these products actually do work, if they are used the right way.  Apply styling products only to the root area, and avoid using anything that is oily or greasy, or your hair will look flat and dirty.

6. Blowdry your hair upside down.  By flipping your head over and drying your hair upside down, you will be forcing the roots to stand up, thereby increasing volume.

7. Be a tease.  Teasing (also known as back-combing) is a great way to add volume.  Think teasing is just for old ladies?  Think again!  Just about every hairstyle you’ve seen on a magazine cover or on the runway in the past five years has been teased to some extent.

8. Hairspray.  In the 90s, waxes, pomades, and other styling products were all the rage and good old hairspray was all but forgotten.  Luckily, there are many great volumizing hairsprays on the market that will make your hair appear fuller without making it look stiff and crunchy.

9. Eat healthy.  A person’s hair reflects that person’s dietary habits.  Healthy people have healthy hair.  Eating a well-balanced diet will not only improve your overall health, it will also improve the health of your skin, nails, and hair.

10. Perms.  When most women think of perms, they think of their grandmother.  However, there are many great perms available today that will provide just the right amount of body and bounce without frying the hair or making you look like a poodle.


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