Thursday, December 14

The First Rule in Product Creation

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Thrilling, exhilarating, and just plain breathing a sigh of relief are all rolled into that one moment. So these happy internet marketers feel they are ready to start reaping the rewards of their efforts. They quickly pull together a website and start waiting for the stampede of visitors who are sure to start arriving.

But then these internet marketers learn the first of the many rules associated with the creation of popular and highly demanded products and services. Read on as I present the first rule in product creation.

Rule #1 – every product must solve a compelling problem or meet a pressing need for your targeted audience. This is a rule to learn quickly and to always apply to your business. In fact the better you do at finding a difficult problem or a compelling need, the more your audience will respond. Create a product that provides a solution to the most difficult problem other challenge your targeted audience faces and you are one step closer to internet marketing success. Sure there are other steps required, but starting off on the right foot is important indeed.

Likewise, as an internet marketer, knowing when you have failed to properly apply rule #1 is easy. Your product creation or the service being offered simply will not sell. It will not be in demand by your targeted audience. You are absolutely no closer to the success you seek.

Avoid this problem by carefully researching the marketplace before ever starting to create a product or service. Find out the most pressing questions you targeted audience are seeking to have answered. Find out the gripping problems that are stopping them from moving forward. Those are the problems and questions to resolve with your product or service. Give it a try – you will be happy you did.

To your internet marketing success!


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