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How to Prepare For Packing When You Move

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However, if you are looking for a worthwhile way to save some cash on the cost of relocating, then you may decide to pack for yourself. If you have decided to do your own packing then what should be in the forefront of your mind is making sure that what you pack arrives at your new home in the same condition that it left your current residence.

To ensure the results that you are looking for you will need to use professional packing materials.

Professional packing materials will include:

1. Professional quality packing boxes

2. 2″ packing tape

3. Masking tape

4. A pair of scissors

5. A utility knife

6. Plain newsprint (packing paper)

7. Permanent markers

The Types of Boxes You Should Buy

Based on what you own and what you’re transporting you will want to purchase exactly the right containers to pack your items in. Choosing the right cartons will help you to safeguard your possessions and will allow you to be better organized.

You should be able to buy professional quality packing boxes from the company that you hired to move your possessions. Here are the choices of cartons that a good moving company will offer:

1. Double wall – these cartons offer extra protection for your possessions. Consider using them for crystal, your fine china, and any other fragile items that are expensive or hard to replace.

2. Wardrobe – these are portable closets that have a built in bar. You will be able to hang both your clothing and your draperies on it to keep them fresh and pressed.

3. Mattress and Box Spring – these are available in a wide variety of sizes.

4. China Barrel (Dishpack) – these heavy duty cartons can be used for china, dishes, glassware, and crystal.

5. Mirror – these are available in different sizes. They’re designed to transport mirrors, pictures, or glass.

In addition, cartons are available in a wide range of sizes for different purposes:

1. 6 cubic foot – used for lightweight or large, bulky items like lampshades and pillows

2. 4.5 cubic foot – used for towels, linens, and other bulky items. Also good for your children’s toys.

3. 3 cubic foot – mostly used for small appliances as well as for pots and pans.

4. 1.5 cubic foot – these are the smallest cartons available and are used for heavy items such as CDs and DVDs, books, files, and video tapes.


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