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13 Best Kid Cudi Songs: Kid Cudi Best Songs

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Kid Cudi has carved out for himself a nice spot in rap music with his distinct style and sound.His mixtape A Kid Named Cudi helped to put him on the map and since he has enjoyed success from his two albums Man On the Moon and Man On the Moon 2. He is perhaps best known for his hit Day ‘N’ Nite which was a staple on the charts and in the clubs. For this list I chose what I think are Kid Cudi’s best songs only from his two albums so check out a site like Datpiff to download his old material.

Day ‘N’ Nite- Great single from Cudi the beat is amazing and the hook will have you singing it for a long time.

My World- Kid Cudi’s flow on My World sound very methodical and deliberate as opposed to the usual smooth flow he is capable of but a nice track.

In My Dreams– Perfect title for this song because the whole instrumental feels like you’re stuck in a dream.

The Soundtrack to My LifeI’ve got 99 problems and they all bitches.

Enter Galactic– Enter Galactic sounds pretty futuristic with the beat and the hook. Then what is imagination to you?

The Sky Might FallThe sky might fall but I’m not worried at all.

Erase Me– A single from the new album which features Kanye West and has more of a rock sound than rap.

Mojo So Dope– A deeper, more personal track from Cudi.

Mr. Rager– Cool cut from Man On the Moon 2.

Wild’n Cuz I’m Young– This would be a great song for the club just to slow things down and dance to while under the influence.

Trapped in My Mind– This is a crazy song, real mellow.

RevofevWake up things might get rough. Don’t stress, keeps you down too much.

Marijuana– Look at the title and determine what is the best way to listen to this song.


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