Tuesday, December 12

Make Money For Social Networking on Sidetick

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Sidetick allows you to social network however they reward you.  They do not give you cheap prizes or points that take forever to accumulate, tehy allow you to share in the marketing revenue!  You make $1 for signing up and get $1 per direct referral.  Secondary referrals earn you 50 cents.  For every page you look at you earn 1/20th of a cent and every time someone clicks on your content you earn 1/20th of cent.  That’s not much?  Nope but just try to think about if you had for every Facebook click you have made in your life.  That jerk in the Social Network movie does.  It also has all the features of the other social network sites.. 

You can post videos, post a forum topics, post pictures, post  youtube and personal videos, and even create polls for members to vote on.  These are particularly easy if you have an interesting topic everyone can relate to.  You earn passive income doing what you already do. 

Simply ask yourself this?  What if the draw of payment ultimately leads people to try this new site?  What if you are the one who initiates it among your friends?  In the long term, I think you will find this to be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Are you skeptical?  It’s completely risk-free.  No cost to you, simply have a PayPal account.  Obviously it will take an incentive to get people away from Facebook, so SideTick offers completely free membership and bonuses.  In fact you can make 50 cents per day by opening your email and posting one relevant comment on the topic of the day! This takes place every day so making $15 a month is guaranteed with little effort.

If you are a person who recognizes the possibilities involved in residual income and passive income, you can let this opportunity pass you by.  Its easy to compare the risk-reward weight of a decision when no risk is involved!  Click the ad below or simply click here.



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