Monday, December 11

Racial Profiling in Quebec

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One may say that profiling occurs differently in various parts of the province, there are more immigrants living in the larger cities then others. One could find out if their is any specific ratio between the type of people who get profiled in the city compared to outlying neighborhoods and that could be a good project for a young sociologist current doing their thesis in this province. After all the birth rate of native French  Quebecois has declined and the amount of immigrants coming from non western countries has increased in recent years. It is in the interest of the political machine in the province to see that their new immigrants are happy enough to want to stay. This teacher has met several who have wanted to run away.

There are two incidents which have provoked interest on the need for a revamp of the forces in the city. One was a person of non-western origin who was walking down his street to his house and was stopped by a cruiser and asked in French what he was doing there. As if a person cannot walk down his own street without being accosted  by the law enforcers and prodded to show identification? Similar events do not happen to whites unless of course they are known to be criminal or are avoiding the law.

Another incident stated by a black radio personality on a morning show had to do when he was helping a neighbor get into her car. The door was locked and the key was inside. The car by the way was the oldest one on the block, so he said. Why would anyone want to steal a decrepit car in the middle of the day was his point? In the meantime the cop wanted his identification, he refused and went into the house saying that it was up to the enforcer  then to help the lady in distress who was in her nightgown during all this commotion.

These stories are occurring at a more common rate than in the past probably due to the increased immigrant population and this author has recently witnessed more cars been stopped by police and the people driving are not white! Again this is reason enough for a formalized study for the problem to be done whereby the statistics of disgruntled profiled and non profiled people can be forwarded to various governmental offices as well as to the police commissioner so he can review what effective changes can be made.


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