Thursday, December 14

Choosing The Right Hair Salon

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Choosing the right beauty salon is an important step for anyone who is serious about looking their best.  Beauty salons are a dime a dozen in most towns and cities, so the quality of services offered can vary a great deal.  Every salon claims to have “expert” stylists, but let’s face it: some salons are simply better than others.  Here is how to choose the right beauty salon to meet your needs.

1. Look for a salon with a good reputation.  A quality salon is one that has been established for years and has a gleaming reputation for quality as well as customer service.  Thanks to websites like Citysearch, which allow customers to post reviews of their experiences, it is possible to know what to expect from a salon before you book an appointment.  Read the reviews which have been posted by users and choose a salon that has a solid reputation.

2. Look for a salon with a happy staff.  How many times have you fallen in love with a particular stylist, only to discover one day that he or she is no longer employed at the salon?  If your salon has a high employee turnover rate, it is usually a sign that it’s a crummy place to work.  Happy stylists stay in one place, while unhappy stylists tend to drift.  Look for a salon with a happy staff, and you’ll most likely find a salon worth frequenting.

3. Forget about money.  If you believe that the price of beauty shouldn’t exceed twenty dollars, then it makes no difference which salon you choose.  However, if you are serious about looking good and having a great salon experience, be willing to spend a little more.  While some of the best things in life are free, a great haircut isn’t one of them.  Any stylist worth his or her beans has the advanced training, talent, and experience to command higher prices. 

4. Ask around.  The easiest way to find the best stylist or salon in your area is to find someone with really great hair and ask them where they get their hair done.  If you ask enough people, eventually the same salon’s name will keep coming up.  This is the salon you should go to.

5. Check out the parking lot.  A great salon will always have plenty of cars in their parking lot, while a lackluster salon will always seem to have plenty of available parking.  Avoid any salon with a parking lot that resembles a ghost town and you’ll seldom be disappointed.

As you can see, choosing the right beauty salon doesn’t have to be a daunting or challenging task.  It’s simply a matter of keeping your eyes and ears open, and asking the right people. 


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