Monday, December 18

Social Support Empowers Mind Power

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  • We all need support.

  • Every kind of support makes us stronger.

  • Support helps us believe ourselves more.

  • Support helps us take a step forward.

  • Support forces us to take action.

  • Support makes us feel precious.

  • Support gives us the courage we need.

Think of the times that one more report, one more customer, one more vote, one more of something has changed your life. If you haven’t experienced such a success think of, if you had had that chance in any stage of your life.

Sometimes a little bit more support and a little bit more believe in us changes everything, it can help you pass over your competitors and grab the success.

Award winners always give a speech to the audience and they all thank to someone or a group of people who helped them, who worked with them or who inspired them, but most of all, they generally thank to people who supported and believed in them.

Social support is one of the key factors unleashing your belief in yourself and your mind power. Each time you are supported your subconscious mind believes more and more that you can succeed. When you have the complete belief to success what will be left to do? To succeed. 

The research from the University of Exeter’s School of Sport and Health Sciences focused on, 197 British male amateur golfers.

The results showed that, when playing under stress, social support could improve performance by nearly one shot per round of golf.

Dr Tim Rees of the University of Exeter’s School of Sport and Health Sciences, said: “Our study reveals the ongoing support of friends and family to be one of the most important factors influencing sports performance. While training, tactics and luck all play a part, the encouraging words or kind gestures of a partner or friend can make the difference between a footballer scoring that winning goal, or a sprinter achieving a record time. The encouragement and support of friends and family clearly plays a massive part in building confidence, which is so important when the pressure is on.”

SOURCE: University of Exeter

The role of social support cannot be underestimated in any part of our lives. One shot per round of golf! What if you had that chance in any of your life steps, wouldn’t that change too much?

What we get here is that social support gives us the belief that we can do it. The same belief helps you to reorganize your subconscious mind to success.

Examine your social network, is it supportive or not? May be you need to change something about it. There is no way to change your family but if they are not supportive maybe you can limit that or increase their supportiveness. When it comes to friends, you may think of changing them if they are always putting boundaries in front of you. 

You should always prefer supportive environments to get the best of yourself and your mind power.


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