Wednesday, December 13

Nasa Spacex Dragon Capsule Splashdown

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The NASA SpaceX Dragon capsule which was launched yesterday and successfully orbited the lower earth orbits just returned safely back to earth. The parachute system worked perfectly and was deployed according to plan. The company send out a world wide tweet about the success of the mission.

The splashdown took place as planned 500 Nautical Miles of the coast of Southern California. So far everything work flawlessly with the new space capsule which will be able to bring people to the International Space Station.

In this case NASA was the client and had the craft build by SpaceX which was formerly known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp. After many years of planning the cargo and the person space carrier is now ready.

The successful mission by the Hawthorne based company SpaceX is the stepping stone into the new space age era. After the cancellation of the Space Shuttle program earlier this year, NASA needs a new vehicle to bring personnel in and out of space.

NASA had given the job to Space Exploration Technologies Corp which in the meantime has changed its name to SpaceX for more commercial reasons. The Success of the Falcon Rocket family and the Dragon orbitor has proven that NASA made the right choice with SpaceX.


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