Monday, December 11

Part 2 of Our Article on Doing Renovations to Your Home

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Parking your Vehicle – Problems?

One thing that is very uninviting to a potential buyer is seeing lots of cars parked in front of your house. Many property owners do not use their garage to park their cars, so a garage is not essential to parking your car off the road. If there is no way to add to your drive to incorporate a parking lot, you might want to ask your local authorities for planning permission to drop the curb on the pavement adjacent to your property. An off-street parking space can add up to 10 percent to the property price.

Swimming Pool/Tennis Court

Consider whether you would like a pool indoors or outside, also look at the position of your house before making the final decision If you live in colder climes, an indoor pool or one inside a swimming pool building might be more useful and will tempt more buyers. Even if the pool is heated and has a cover on, if the weather is cold potential purchasers know it is rarely going to get any use, so you could find a pool is a negative point. On the other hand if the pool is to be used all year, situate it indoors; perhaps make a feature by putting in patio doors that lead to a nice decking area. An attractive, warm indoor pool has the potential buyer imagining enjoying themselves; maybe having a pool party. And it all pays out at about a 5 to 10 percent bonus in house value.

In a few neighbourhoods you could look at installing a tennis court as another luxury item, make sure it is in keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood. As with the swimming pool, a tennis court can add up to another 10 percent to the profit of your property.

Both of these additions serve as an indulgence that you can offer the buyer. Obviously adding these are going to boost the value of your property, so may price many people out of the market. Once you do manage to sell your house, the price it sells for may be more than you ever wished for.

Adding a Waterside Feature

My experience with dealing Vancouver lofts proved me one thing. If you are considering a waterside display then remember that these normally hold their value. You may notice, according to a survey, that it may increase the value by a third, which is fantastic news. Although there is no way you can add a lake or a small romantic stream by your house, you can build a pond in your backyard. A pond is simply a small mass of water in which light can penetrate all the way to the foundations, in other words, ponds are not very deep. Look at what room you have and what room you want to put aside to a pond, from a simple water feature to a more elaborate pond with fish and fancy fitments.

Do your research before you even start installing a pond; the water source, the depth you want and will the water be flowing freely so mosquitoes are avoided are just some items to consider. It’s not a simple task (best planned with the help of a specialist in this area), but pays off hugely when done properly.


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