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Glucosamine For Dogs Can Help Older Dogs With Arthritis

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Although veterinarians are the professionals that we rely upon in order to diagnose and determine whether our dogs maybe suffering from a health complaint, in reality, it is actually possible for the average dog owner with a little knowledge and common sense to do the same. While this may not be true of all health conditions or pathologies, it is true for arthritis in dogs as well as another health complaint commonly known as hip dysplasia.

Some of the common indicators that a dog maybe suffering from either of these health complaints are listed as follows: (1) The dog limps or has an abnormal or awkward gait (walking pattern). (2) Struggles to arise when lying down, or struggles to lie down when it has been standing. (3) There is reduced enthusiasm when playing outside, and an aversion to going out. (4) The dog is always behind you while talking it for walks. (5) Whimpers or shies away whenever you approach it, or attempt to pet it.

One of the best and most effective measures for both dealing with and preventing osteoarthritis in dogs is with glucosamine for dogs. Therefore, it should to be a high priority on the list of things for your dog for any dog owner who truly cares for and respects their pet.

Some people have expressed concern as to the validity and usefulness of glucosamine for dogs, arguing that it could be nothing more than a placebo and therefore not worthy of purchase. The whole idea of the placebo is that subjects do not realize what they are taking is a placebo, and instead believe that they are actually taking some sort of cutting edge medicine to help pain or other conditions.

Due to this, a placebo requires a lot of psychological thought and willpower in order for the person to think that it is helping their body. Without doing a disservice to dogs in general, dogs simply are not that intelligent, and therefore glucosamine for dogs is guaranteed to actually provide them with good benefits. In conclusion, if you give a dog with arthritis glucosamine for dogs, and they show positive improvements by being happier and more active, then this is a direct result of the supplements given to the dog.

Glucosamine is a fundamental component found in all bones, and more specifically, the cartilage and synovial fluid of the joint. Cartilage is the shock absorber of the joint which cushions neighboring joints and prevents them from rubbing against each other like sticks. Arthritis is caused when cartilage wears away and the bones then press upon one another. Glucosamine for dogs therefore will help the pain as it will directly increase the deficit which your pet has endured. You may find that glucosamine in liquid form is better for your pet, as they may have an aversion to swallowing pills. A liquid can also be easily put in dog treats or other foods like braided bully sticks or peanut butter.


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