Monday, December 18

I Enjoy Using My Jet Power Tools

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All woodwork workshops need power tools a vital equipments and Jet power tools are worth the money you spend on it. There is a complete line of power tools from the company to furnish any workshop. Here are some tools which are available from the company and you can check if you need any for your workshop.

Jet Power Tools:

Jet Lathe is versatile as well as simple to assemble as they are marketed with useful instructions. You will get extra tools as bonus based on the lathe you select. There are few lathes which are available with other hand tools or an 8 piece chisel set. You will also be able to save cash especially when you are establishing your new workshop. For people who already have chisels, this can be used as they are never too many.


  • You get an extensive speed range from 550 to 3000 rpm and there are 6 various speed settings.

  • There is a distance of 35 inches between the centers which makes it a very versatile tool for different kinds of projects.

  • There is a lot of power with a ¾ horsepower motor.

  • There is 12 inch swing over the bed

 Jet table saw is a very useful precise tool which has a lot of power which any home wood working shop needs. You will get 3 to 5 horsepower motor based on the chosen model. It is simple to set up as there are good assembly instructions. It is very durable but you need to change the blade occasionally.


  • Come with suspended motor drive system

  • Anti kick back and blade guard for safety.

  • Comes with a dust collection slot for suction hose to manage dust in the workshop

  • Rail comes with curved cross section to augment the surface area

  • Dual push buttons as well as a start button which has been made to avert any accidental starting

Other Jet Tools

You can get Jet planners in close and open stand designs which are also portable. It is constructed from steel and cast iron tor strength and stability. They have fan cooled, 3 horsepower motor and with more features like a 4 inch dust chute, magnetic control and extension rollers.

Jet’s floor mount drill press comes with .75 horsepower motor in 12 of 16 speeds based on the model. There is a lot of workspace with a 13 inch diameter table. It also has 45 degree tilt with fast release clamp.

 Jet bench mount drill press comes with 16 speeds from 200 to 3630 rpm with a 10 by 13 inch work space. It has a lot of power with .75 horsepower motor. It has become much easier to equip your workshop with Jet, quality power tools.


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