Monday, December 18

Setting Up For Your Wedding Reception

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When planning your big day, you typically have big plans for what the room will look like. How will the chair covers be tied? How will your napkins be folded? Where will the table favors be placed on the tables?

Some couples will ask family members to help set up all the extra little details to make their wedding day extra special. It is a great idea to have those people help with the reception set up. However, when booking your venue, be sure to ask what time those people will be allowed in the room. Some venues are able and willing to set up the reception early and your friends and family may be able to get in the day prior to put all the finishing touches on the room. Other venues may not be as flexible with when you can have access to your room.

Be sure to ask the venue prior to signing your contract when you are able to get into the room. If you aren’t allowed in early to do your own decorating, ask what their policy is on decorating. Do they charge for someone to decorate or do they even allow additional decorations? They may have an alternate solution for you if you do have some elaborate plans for altering the room. Do not be afraid to clarify that prior to signing the agreement.

Also, be sure to make it clear who will be in charge of setting up and tearing town the reception afterwards. It is better to ask prior to the event to make apprpiate plans than to be told at midnight that you are responsible.


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