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NYC Health Coach: Strengthen your Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

We have all heard (and probably used) the phrase mind over matter, but, have you stopped to think about the depth of this statement?  As a health coach in NYC, I spend a lot of time discussing the importance of nutrition to my clients, but, I also spend an equal amount of time discussing the ultimate connection between the mind and body and the spirit, it is much stronger than most folks realize. A health coach in NYC can help guide you towards strengthening these important areas of your life.

The mind, body and spirit exist in a delicate balance and an imbalance in one of these realms causes overall chaos.  If you are skeptic as to how all three interlink, think about a time when you were seriously stressed out.  During that time did you experience trouble sleeping, weight loss, tiredness or irritability?  A health coach in NYC will tell you that these symptoms are not coincidence; your mind was distressed and your body physically manifested the stress.  A health coach will be able to identify any physical symptoms and directly relate them to any imbalances in the other areas of your life.

Although all three areas are connected, the order in which they manifest themselves is not consistent.  For example, a physical aliment can bring on mental stress which can then bring on spiritual despair.  For example, if someone is seriously overweight, that person may be unsatisfied every time he/she looks in the mirror.  The disappointment of how they physically look will weigh on their mental state causing them to constantly dwell on how they look.  Instead of staying determined in order to find a solution to the problem, one begins to believe that all hope is lost.  One may feel alone and singled out spiritually, as of one is being “made” to suffer.

A health coach in NYC is trained to understand how all areas of your life are interconnected to each other and how the whole cannot run properly until all three are running smoothly.  Your personal health coach will diligently work to holistically improve your health and your life.  When your body is healing and more in balance, your thinking is clearer and your optimism increases, when this happens your spiritual awareness will deepen and expand.  Best of all, you can achieve inner peace naturally; all you need is the right guidance!


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