Tuesday, December 12

Maximizing Your Life And Potential: Taking Responsibility For Your Future

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One of the most beautiful sounds to ever enter the human ear is the first cry of a newborn baby- the sound of life! Millions of people all over the world, all through the years have experienced much joy, elation, excitement and relief at this sound. Yet, a newborn’s cry also signals the arrival of responsibility. Not only do the parents have a responsibility to the infant, but the child himself becomes accountable for the awesome potentials he possesses at birth.

Responsibility is defined as a state of being reliable, dependable, accountable, trustworthy and answerable.Responsibility also means entering into an agreement. All of these pinpoint to the transfer of something of value, with the implication that the receiver of the trust is to achieve some positive outcome/result. Furthermore, responsibility entails availability, effectiveness, self-reliance, faithfulness and capability.

All human beings come to this world, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding their birth, pregnant with potential. Each person has a tremendous capacity to make impact and deliver result. But this ability is useless until demands are placed on it. No one is on the earth without something to impart. Everyone is accountable for the time spent on this planet. The responsibility for activating, releasing, and maximizing this dormant ability is personal.

You are inexcusable for the time you spend on earth. Life was designed to furnish environments that make demands on our hidden ability. Without these demands, our potentials would be under explored. Most persons respond to life creatively and innovatively only when circumstances demand that response. The many technological, medical, and social breakthroughs that have been achieved because problems or circumstances demanded a response, clearly illustrate this truth. The book of Genesis also clearly reveals this principle in the account of man’s first encounter with creation in the garden of Eden.

Man, as God first created him, was one hundred percent unreleased ability. He was an adult with full capabilities, talents and gifts. His physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual powers were fully developed on the one hand, and were totally unused, untapped, unexpressed and unemployed on the other. From Genesis 2:15, 19-20, we see that God’s first action after creating this totally new man- a man with muscles that had never been exercised, brains that had never been stimulated, emotions that had never been aroused, an imagination that had never been ignited, and creativity that had never been explored- was to give him assignments that placed demands on his hidden abilities.

By tasking Adam’s abilities, God placed demands on his potentials. In a similar way, your potential is released when demands to accomplish a task in God’s greater purpose for your life are placed on you. God’s command to work required Adam to use his physical potential. Likewise, Adam’s intellectual, mental and creative potentials were activated when God instructed him to cultivate the garden and name the animals. The demands God makes on you accomplish the same thing in your life. The release of any potential demands the responsibility to work because the greatest need of ability is responsibility.


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