Sunday, December 17

The Miracles of Nature

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Marina lowered her eyes to look at her hands covered with dirt; it was even under her fingernails, making them look as if she has never cleaned them in her life. It was going to take a few hours of grooming before they could be clean again;  Instead of being annoyed, she smilled to herself and in so doing a feeling of contentment rose within her.  She loved working in the garden, digging the soil and planting the new seedling for the coming summer and then watching them grow into beautiful plants laden with all the different vegetables that were going to feed her family with all their nourishing goodness.

Religiously, every spring after the last of the snow had  melted into the earth, leaving it  soft and moist in its awakening, it silently beckenod s Marina to come and sow the new seeds that she had lovingly and patietly tendered through the winter months  She picked up a handful of black soil and a smile touched her lips; a small worm wriggled out as if to bid her good morning but at the same time in a hurry to get back and do its work into the soil. She gently placed the little creature where it belonged; without it the rich black dirt would be hard and sterile.

As she strightened up  her eyes rose  towards the  majestic mountains  still covered with snow; like them the earth was   always going to be there with its magic of life’s reproduction. It was always going to feed her and her family and all the others that would  come after. With these thought she continued to work with a light heart


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