Monday, December 18

Recover Your Flash Drive Data The Easy And Effective Way

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Have you ever had a problem that your flash drive was corrupted, due to accidental file deletion, or even worst data just vanished? Well, I think you’ll probably go nuts about it especially you have important files on that particular flash drive of yours.

The main cause of this is mostly on user intervention and knowledge of how to use correctly the flash drive and I would like to point out the common causes of such cases that data corruption occurs and the like, as follows:

1. You didn’t know that your computer is infected by a computer virus and it has the ability to corrupt your data in your flash drive.

2. You pull out your drive and didn’t notice that it is still in reading mode. The files then get corrupted or worst affects the file system and upon checking there was no data detected.

3. You accidentally deleted a file.

4. Your flash drive reached its maximum age or “wear”. This scenario seldom happens but you should be aware of it.

These factors are the most common scenario that you may lost or corrupted your data.

Here are solutions for you to take note about:

1. Stay calm and do not format your flash drive yet.

2. Try to remember what particular data you had that is the most important to be recover.

3. Find a good data recovery software that you may find but for your convenience here’s a link for that application which I personnally recommend and follow the instructions.

Once and for all try to backup your important data or files and there is no substitute for having a good backup.


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