Monday, December 18

Seo Project Management Tool

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SEO Project Management

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Can you determine what is the best solution for shortening the time frame on a project from inception to total market dominance. Well, I have a solution for you…

Introducing Domain Web Studio from ThemeZoom creator Russel Wright. The Themezoom team put an exclusive offer together for SEO guru, Jeffrey Smith.

Check out Jeffery Smith’s blog online, just google: SEO DESIGN SOLUTIONS

Once the article is written, it is a good idea to let it sit for a day or two, then go back and read it with a critical eye to check for the flow of the primary idea. A well written article that flows well is of utmost importance in search engine optimization, because a well written article with an important theme is more likely to be picked up and distributed around the web. After all, this is the whole ambition behind the SEO article and its role in website promotion.

Once the article is finished, then it is time to choose a title; or revise the original for optimum intellectual and emotional appeal. This is best accomplished using another free tool at the Advanced Marketing Institute: This tool allows you to experiment with different titles to determine which one has the most grabbing power to the reader’s subconscious. A good title is important because without one, your article will most likely be passed over, and your message will be lost in the sea of SEO articles that are submitted everyday.


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